Born in 1991 and having finished scientific high school, he decided to devote

himself to musical studies. Admitted to the Conservatorio G. Verdi di Torino at the

age of twenty, five years later he took the Bachelor's degree with top marks in piano

while under the guidance of Claudio Voghera, obtaining the 1st edition of a

scolarship dedicated to Giovannella Tramoni. At present he is attending

composition courses at the Conservatorio G. Verdi di Torino in the class of

Giuseppe Elos and studying jazz improvisation with Stefano Maccagno. 

He is passionate about contemporary music, though does not neglect other musical

genres by  combining experimental research with innovative forms of descriptive


On the proposal of the Italian painter and sculptor Lorenzo D'Andrea, in the

summer 2016 he composed the piano piece “La Zattera dei Migranti”, inspired by

the painter's homonymous picture as well as arranging and writing for the vocal

ensemble “L'Una e Cinque” some pieces for a cappella performance. He combines

research on eletronic technologies with the use of acoustic instruments, voices and

choirs. Also, through a collaboration with the music association Artes Media Project

of Turin, for which in May 2017 he produced the soundtrack for the Laura Valle's

photo exhibition “Attraverso il blu – mamme e bimbi dell'ospedale Maria Vittoria”,

an initiative of the 2017 International Book Fair in Turin.

For the Conservatorio G. Verdi di Torino:

- he played for the musical evenings of the “Venerdì del Conservatorio” and for the

concerts in the Chiesa di Santa Pelagia;

- as a piano accompanist to opera singers in public performances;

- invited as a speaker in a conference open to the public on musical analysis, on the

topic of the 1st movement of the Sonata Op.109 by L.V. Beethoven;

- he curated the programmes for the inaugural and final concerts of the “Venerdì del

Conservatorio” of the year 2015/2016.

His repertoire ranges from Bach to contemporary authors, with particular interest

in Rossini's piano pieces and twentieth century Italian authors including Casella

and Ghedini.

His recitals include performances from repertoire pieces as well as his own


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Concert in San Filippo Neri  (2017)

Photo Gallery

In the studio of the Italian painter Lorenzo D’Andrea