JazSet,  was created in 2013 from an idea by Gilberto Bonetto and Edoardo Luparello, two musicians who are active in

several musical areas, who are trained jazz performers and share a passion for improvisation. Their initial repertoire

focused on original pieces, the character of which reflected Gilberto’s training, his piano studies (classical and jazz) and his

evolution as a composer.

The great names of the past, like Maurice Ravel, and Claude Debussy, met those from more recent years, like Thelonious

Monk, Duke Ellington, and Bill Evans.  During its performances Jazset expresses a free interplay, occasionally walking

away from strict classical jazz to meet more funky forms of interpretation.

In 2014 they recorded the album “Postcards” under the label GB Music, the group adding Luca Russo to play the bass, and

recording two of the pieces with a string quartet.

The album is distributed on physical CD and digital download also in Japan, where it has been much appreciated.

The “Postcards” concert has been held on various location, including Turin’s Jazz Club, Vicenza’s Bar Borsa, La Cade Du

38 in Paris within the festival “Jazz sur la Seine”, and at the Banco Theatre in Switzerland.

In 2016 producer Marco Andrioletti connected with the duo and they developed a new concert and a specific program with

the vocal ensemble L’Una e Cinque. With this setting they created a live video of Autumn Leaves (with more than 1,000

views on social media on the very day of its posting) and recorded some new pieces.

Their new concert is called “Italian Postcards” (with piano, bass, and drums), and includes some of the CD’s tracks plus

some new pieces and the jazz reinterpretation of important and well known Italian melodies and songs by Lucio Battisti,

Paolo Conte, Pino Daniele, Ivan Graziani, Nino Rota, Giacomo Puccini, Ennio Morricone.


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“Postcards"  includes 12 new pieces, two of which were recorded with a string

quartet, and two different versions of Bill Evans’ Very Early. The idea of

Postcards came from sentences that were used to refer to each piece to identify

it during rehearsals. The album cover is by Ugo Nespolo, a gift the celebrated

artist and music patron wanted to give to the group. Postcards is available on

CD under the label GB Music (Rome). Some pieces were given a new pop

editing and distributed under the label “Abformal Recordings”. The album was

reissued in 2016.

 Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

(E. e A. Morricone)


Autumn Leaves -

Live with “L’Una e Cinque”

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“Italian Postcards”

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