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Italian PostCards

The words “collaboration, interpretation and project” have a very important meaning for the

members of JazSet. The idea of a project focusing on the Italian repertoire came during some

recording sessions with singers and other musicians, at times when the artists “playfully”

improvised on Italian songs and even opera arias. The result was very exciting for all the parties

involved and brought to the choice of a series of songs that could be reinterpreted based on

feelings and improvisation, reflecting the history of Italian music.

Italian PostCards is a one hour and twenty minutes program fully dedicated to Italian music.

The pieces have been arranged by Gilberto Bonetto for a typical ensemble: piano, bass, drums.

The program is divided into two sections:

-The first part sees the performance of some new pieces included in the CD “Postcards”

and some other new ones;


The second is dedicated to the reinterpretation of historical songs

(by Conte, Battisti, Graziani, Daniele) and melodies by composers such as Puccini, Rota,


“Italian Postcards” puts together improvisation, new songs, songs by great authors, and works

by famous composers. A journey that uses the universal language of jazz and where past and

present “Made in Italy” meet.

Italian Postcards - Concert Trailer