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He studied modern singing with Elena Roggero, Bob Stoloff (Barklee School- Certificate of Completion), ensemble singing with Jonathan Rathbone (Swingle Singers), music theory and harmony with Stefano Maccagno and Claudio Mantovani, lyrics composition with Bungaro, acting with Paolo Trenta. In the 1980s, he was radio conductor and program coordinator in various FM radio stations ; he also worked in the production of advertising spots and in the handling of the relations with record companies. He worked at the Olivetti group in the research laboratories (DRT) on data recording techniques and in the Marketing division for Multimedia solutions and applications. He has been a marketing and communication consultant in various companies including DBS S.p.a, a company operating in TV productions. He has held courses of Marketing, Organization, Communication and Audio productions techniques for various training institutes. He now holds Music Project Management Masterclasses at the G. Verdi Conservatory of Turin. He founded the vocal ensemble "L'Una e Cinque" - a group singing “a cappella” - with which he won competitions and published various songs. Some of them are enclosed in the album "The Renaissance Project" - The Renaissance song revisited in a modern key for “a cappella” five voices - also distributed on CD in Italy and Japan; he was also the producer of this album. He composed and produced songs of various genre, following the production of different interpreters, both in the classical and modern genres, and produced soundtracks for events. As a composer, producer and videomaker he publishes his own songs and music. Main collaborations : Eudida srl, for the development of a CD-Rom dedicated to musical learning; the University of Turin - Department of Neuroscience - for research on musical perception in relation to some neurological pathologies; Stefania Pepe, author of the book "The Magic Flute" adopted in Italian middle schools; the writer Laura Valle in the production of the film "Inside the Home of Cavour"; the TV programs on the Italian national broadcasting TV (RAI) : "Disney Club" and "Alle 2 su Rai Uno"; the "Bocconi" and "Cattolica" Italian Universities .