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Why music...

“I met music in different areas and moments of my life. While studying electronics, with the dream of building a mixer and making an  FM radio station ; even if, later, it  was  easier to find broadcasting radio stations with an already made nice mixer and having fun learning a lot of things and listening to music of all kinds. I met music also  in my job at  the  Olivetti, first in the research laboratories, where I saw the first CD and Dat players, then in the Marketing division , at the beginning of multimedia and computers equipped with audio and music technologies . Even in health area I met  music. There is a link between these facts : making music is a process that requires method, teamwork, problem solving skill, research and obviously creativity. The same thing happens, or should happen in the business world. When you listen to music that tunes in to your sensitivity, you feel  emotions and well-being ; the same happens even when you produce music. Why has humanity always nourished itself with music, from rhythms made on stones up to orchestra music or synthetic sounds? I think the reason is very simple : music is made of passion and feelings, it accompanies our existence and makes us feel well.


I find it fascinating to think that these objects essentially move air molecules which, through our  ears,  our brain  interprets according to individual characteristics.  


It is now a prosthesis of our body and, at the same time, our life "black box".  This does not excite me. Musica Harmony, chords, time. This is the life.
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