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1 - L’insistente (The insisitng one)

Gilberto, our pianist, loves to cook. Just as he improvises his music, he also improvises when cooking a dish, insisting that everyone should try his experiments. “The insisting one” is the name of one of the dishes he made for an improvised dinner after some rehearsals.

2 - Nulla è scontato (Nothing is obvious)

A Mediterranean melodic theme on harmony that does not follow the expectations.

3 - Dopo lungo tempo (After a long time)

The pleasure of getting back to writing after a forced break due to other engagements and travels.

4-Fuori dal finestrino (Out of a window)

A train ride. Landscapes, casual encounters with other musicians. Images, interesting talks and enjoyable discussions.

5-Echi lontani (Distant echoes)

A sound reverberating with some delay, in a figurative way it represents improvement. The elaboration comes back at the beginning and starts again with renewed energy, following a never-ending development cycle. .

6-Disequilibrio (Imbalance)

7-Lacrime di coccodrillo (Crocodile tears)

One of those typical situations when in doing music and you are convinced, even enthusiastic about certain melodies, chords, ideas. Then you record them and listen to them the next day finding you have now a totally different opinion.
Beauty is the result of a series of organized imperfections. Much in the same way the chords come one after the other searching for balance, with “consonant and dissonant” steps, thus producing a path.

8-Bussa alla porta (Knocking on door)

“Listening” is a skill, also when doing ensemble music, where “opening” towards the other is essential to create a dialogue made of sounds and notes.

9-La vecchia (The ederly)

lHistory, wisdom, knowledge; past to build the future. .

10-Very early

A tribute di Bill Evans, a guide, an example and an inspiration.

11-Bonjour maman (Hello mom)

Greeting a mother who is apparently far away

13-Se fosse vero (If it were true)

A scat that came to life accidentally and gave birth to a melody. . .


Expectations and paths on the way to our dreams and projects of every nature; “upward and downward movements”.

14-Very early

Another version of Bill Evans’ piece.
Postcards Is the fruit of months of improvisations, occasions when to refer to each specific piece we used numbers, letters, or random titles. We thought of a different way to come up with those titles: writing down on scores the random phrases that we were using to describe a particular piece, or just before we began to improvise on a theme. We found a sort of connection between the words and the music.