marco andrioletti marco andrioletti  Marco Andrioletti 2020

The detachment of man from creation - In Genesis man was given a

perfect planet, with its nature and its rhythms. In the video, Adam and

Eve are represented by two bees, an insect today threatened with

extinction. After the "temptation (the apple tree)”, in the following video

sequences, environmental and “mental” pollution, corruption, the

overuse of communication technologies are introduced : all these factors 

have decreed a lifestyle based on the consumption of our existence,

running at ever increasing speeds.


The planet has a fever (overheating), and metaphorically "rotates

backwards". Humanity belongs to the planet and its nature, not vice

versa. Humanity "walks fast in reverse" ; nature instead, maintains the

same direction and the same rhythm, and is suffering very serious


The music  was composed  by rearranging and re-orchestrating the song

"Vois sur ton Chemin" (Watch on your way) of the famous film "Les

Choristes". To create it, a stylistically different cover of the original song

was first created, to which melodic and harmonic variations and different

sounds were added.

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Chorus of white voices: Vociinnote di Torino

Solo white voice: Emanuele Montù

Piano introduction Gianfranco Montalto

 Percussion contributions: Matteo Trevisan

Year of production: 2019