Sleepy November, I realized: “That’s my aim!

I’ll handle it on my own, yes, I can!”

“What the hell is this mess? It is all the same!

Am I still a little boy or a man?”

I jumped out of my bed

And I fled from my cans

But, laid again, I thought: “What’s next?”

Because nobody told me how to grow

There are lots of things I need to know

My mama told me: “You are the best in the world!”

I’ll try to do the best that I can

So I’ll shout at the world: “give me back my pants”

I will learn to walk I swear it tonight

I swear it tonight.

Tipsy November, how busy I am!

Trips, parties, friends, do I need a rest?

Ambitions, plans and goals, well (they), are gone

Stuck in my questions and doubts, I’m alone.


Voce: Okey darling, don’t worry, .you are the best in the world!

You are the best
marco andrioletti marco andrioletti