“You are the best" is a pop song about the story of a boy who cannot find his place

in the world due to his parents’ pressing attention. The son has been given an

education that prevents him from finding his emancipation and the ability to deal

with the outside world, each time being forced to come back to the reassuring and

suffocating family coils.

The theme essentially deals with the inability to evaluate himself in relation to the

social context, on the basis of an educational background which has always

nourished his Ego within the family circle, avoiding contact with reality.

The text and script of the video are by a young 25-year-old author (Lorenzo Zeppegno)

who is the same age as the interpreter (Francesco Camussi) and the producer of the

video Tommy Roux

You are the best

The performer:

Francesco Camussi, chosen for

his vocal extension, for the

naturalness and freshness of his

timbre and, above all, for his

amusing personality.

He is also the leading actor of the

video clip where he plays the

character described in the song

Percussion and rhythmic prog. : Matteo Trevisan

Ukulele : Francesco Camussi

Music, guitars, prog. and orch. : M. Andrioletti

Piano : Mauro Bouvet

Background Vocal s: Marta Masini, Susy

Mantoan, M. Pineschi, M. Andrioletti

Text and video script : Lorenzo Zeppegno

Shooting and editing : Tommy Roux

Cover : “The Scion” by Alberto Maria Giardina

marco andrioletti marco andrioletti